The VRS Story

Here's a little about the VRS journey so far...

An Idea is Born... VRS is born..

In early 2015 Marc took the next step in expanding his small, independent, mobile mechanics business 'Marc Taylor Vehicle Repairs and Servicing' and opened his own workshop - VRS Pershore.

Opening the workshop...

By combining his many years of mechanical experience with an extensive mobile toolkit, it's allowed him to progress further and now offer a vast array of motoring services from the comfort of his own premises.

Standing out from the rest...

Having been in the industry for some considerable time it has really become apparent that honest, reputable establishments are now sadly, few and far between. The days of doing only what is needed are long gone, and we here only too often of customers being mis-sold repairs that simply aren't necessary. Marc's ultimate aim and ethos behind founding VRS was to provide a quality and consistent service, affordably.

The VRS ethos...

To us, VRS isn't about making a few extra pounds on the job– its about honesty and loyalty to our customers, traits which are too often overseen in today's modern, consumer orientated society. We'd rather see a job completed properly and cost effectively and the customer return and recommend us, than charge over the odds and them to never return

100 Happy Customers

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance, as is providing a consistent service time and time again.

It is thanks to our loyal customers that VRS has developed the solid and profound reputation that is holds and that it has become the business it is today.